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Meet our fleet of engines

We have three locomotives, all based on historical and current models of NZR  /  Kiwirail equipment.

Each has its own set of controls and unique behaviour which provides a different operating experience for our drivers.

The Loco Number reflects the year in which it was manufactured.

DA 1969

The DA was first painted in the then-standard NZR diesel paint scheme with a Carnation Red body and a white bodyside stripe and a black underframe.  The DA originally had its controls in the cab which meant to operate correctly it was running backwards, 32 years later the controls were moved to the cab leading position.

The DA is the easiest of the Locomotives to drive with just one handle, great for beginners to learn on.

DXC 1975

By 1974 it was clear a second locomotive was needed to ensure the railway could always be run.

Two years earlier, New Zealand Railways had introduced big power, in the form of the DX. These machines were bigger and more powerful than anything seen to date in New Zealand, and they were painted in bright orange and yellow colour scheme.


It was clear if the miniature railway was to get another engine, this is what it had to be!

The committee gave the go-ahead in March 1974, and the DX entered service on April 10th, 1975. This model was also powered by a Vauxhall petrol engine, but transmission this time was by Hydraulics to all 6 axles. The DX was a good performer from the start. It is a solid and heavy machine, and with two more powered axles than the DA, quickly established itself with plenty of towing power.

 In the 1980's this loco was repainted in the contemporary “International Orange” colour scheme, with the number 1975 on her long hood sides.

This was followed by another repaint into the then current Toll Rail livery, and finally, received her current change of scheme into the more favourable KiwiRail livery, where she was re-branded as a DXC.

DXR 1997

During the 1990’s the railway expanded considerably with the track being extended to the playground at the far end of the park. It was soon apparent that the operation of the extended circuit was going to require the frequent running of two trains. To ensure a spare engine remained available the committee gave the go-ahead for a third locomotive, to be modelled on the then brand new DXR class.

This engine was a pioneer, as it marked the adoption of diesel power on the railway. A three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine is the power source and transmission is again by hydraulics to 6 axles. Although the change to diesel power caused some teething troubles, this engine has settled down to be a solid performer and is now a favourite with driving crews. The loco was completed in the then-standard Tranz Rail colour scheme of light blue, with grey roof and cab sides, yellow ends and a black underframe. She carries the number 1997, the year she was completed.

DXR 1997 is now resplendent in her new KiwiRail livery.

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